Your Future Begins with Every Decision You Make Today

The future holds boundless possibilities for those who consistently pursue progress in their life journey. By exploring new opportunities and avenues within arm’s reach, we can achieve remarkable milestones, propelling our lives to heights we once thought unattainable. The decisions we make today, especially in real estate, can significantly enhance our own quality of life and that of our loved ones. At Future Lands & Property Developers Pvt Ltd, we’re dedicated to partnering with visionaries like you, helping guide each step toward a brighter, prosperous future.

Future Lands

Future has a lot in store for those who are incessantly in search of progress along the journey of life. Exploring new avenues, possibilities and opportunities within reach will certainly help everyone make unbelievably amazing and astounding achievements that could propel life beyond bounds. Future-minded individuals can make a big dierence and add more value to their own lives as well as to their loves one lives in the years to come by making the right decisions at the right time. Future Lands & Property Developers Pvt Ltd is there for such future-minded individuals who are always driven by aspirations and plans for the future ahead.

Our Vision

To explore ethical, legal and moral avenues of sourcing, resourcing and resolving the matters related to future lands achieving the status of the leading real estate service provider in the country.
We consistently strive to develop collaborative partnerships, based on integrity and transparency leading into mutual trust, which would serve to build enduring relationships.

Our Mission

To achieve the expected aspiration levels of existing and potential clients through our real estate services with the objective that all who come into contact with us are pleased and proud to recommend us to their families, their friends and their colleagues without hesitation. To be the leading real estate agents, consistently delivering superior service and returns to our clients.

We will achieve this by

• Excelling and being consistent in everything we do.
• Being motivated and spreading our enthusiasm.
• Making trust, quality and integrity hallmarks of the way we do business.
• Seeking always to be innovative and seeking continual improvement.

What we do

At Future Lands & Property Developers Pvt Ltd, our mission is more than just real estate; it’s about laying the foundation for your future. We specialize in identifying, securing, and transforming land into prime investment opportunities for individuals, groups, and organizations. Our goal? To make property ownership accessible, especially for those with aspirations of owning residential plots in key locations across the island.

We're omnipresent, ensuring a reach across prime locations

Our actions reflect our deep industry expertise

Your aspirations are at the heart of our every move

Every transaction upholds the highest standards of fairness.

We navigate the complexities of real estate, so you don't have to

Pushing boundaries is in our DNA, offering a diverse range of services tailored to meet your real estate objectives

Meet our team

Awesome people behind us.

Meet the dedicated team of professionals who drive our success and passion for real estate every day.

Kasun Perera

Managing Director


Nalin Kulathunge

Executive Director/ Chief Operating Officer

Sanjaya Jayaweera

Executive Director

Danushka Udugama

Executive Director


Justine Abeygunawardena

Executive Director